mama-leilaWelcome to my spiritual portal. I am Mama Leilaand I’m the owner and spiritual advisory to the “Ebony Hpouse Inc” Voodoo Practitioner Group. Please do not be afraid, this is a peaceful place. The horror stories you read and watch at the movies are fiction. Popular culture has demonized the voodoo religion and created unnecessary fear and misunderstanding. The voodoo religion is not about evil and we do not call upon dark spirits to do as we wish.

Dating back many years, my religion has been practiced in secrecy, shrouded by misunderstanding and fear. With the gift of the Internet, I can finally reach out to those in need of healing and spread the truth about what voodoo really is, and isn’t.

Where Are We Located?

Sadly, there is still ignorance about the voodoo religion despite the freedoms that we are granted. Therefore, practitioners at Ebony feel forced to remain somewhat hidden from the general public to avoid unnecessary persecution. I hope to change that ignorance to enlightenment through our website and through the positive words of those that use our services. Once you’ve felt the healing powers of the spirits through voodoo, you will want to share the experience with others.

We are located in the southern part of the beautiful and mystical state of Louisiana. Voodoo has been practiced here for years in silence and secrecy. My voodoo practice looks like any other storefront in Louisiana. You may have even been here and not realized what was happening behind our closed doors. Only those that ask for me by my spiritual name may enter the temple. We share the location with our clients only after prayerful consultation to ensure their heart and intention is pure.

What Would You Like to Know About Ebonyhouse?

Our practice was born in the 1980s when I moved to the United States from my home country of Haiti. I was raised in a very poor town and my mother was also a High Priestess of Haitian Vodou. Like most immigrants, we moved here in the hopes of a better life and freedom. My mother died shortly from tuberculosis after our arrival, but I carried on practicing our faith as she would have wanted. I now practice in the Louisiana Voodoo. I feel her spirit with me guiding at all times.

I began my practice alone, only assisting those who came to me through the guidance and recommendation of my close friends. Over the years, my practice grew and I now have others working with me, including a houngan, or voodoo priest. We have a beautiful and mystical altar room where clients may leave offerings and gifts at will. Or, you may speak with me for a consultation with the spirits. We welcome a contribution for our services, but thanks and offerings must always be given to the spirits that guide and heal us.

Charms, Potions, and Animal Sacrifice

If you find that your life has become complicated and confused, you may need a charm or spell to bring things back into balance. You may also need our help if you are sick or hurt, physically or mentally. Healing comes from the spiritual body as well as the physical body. We can help you to regain your balance, strength and clarity through the power and intervention of the spirits.

We also offer other items for those that practice the voodoo religion, such as candles, oils, herbs, and incense. One product that we carry but only sell after consultation is the revenge kit. This includes a revenge or “voodoo” doll and instructions. This can be used only when you are sure that revenge against another person is truly warranted. It must be used only for one act of revenge, against one person. It is very powerful voodoo and should not be taken lightly.

Animal sacrifice is a part of some voodoo ceremonies. However, by choice we DO NOT perform animal sacrifice at our practice.

Before voodoo can work for you it’s necessary for you to believe it will work. Please contact me through our website and I will happily reach out to you.

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